“Dear Amy”, Help Me! I’ve Been Kidnapped!

thDear Amy was an addictive read from the first page. I tore through this and would have finished it in one sitting if I’d started reading it earlier in the day! The tone of the content and the pacing were two things that held me transfixed to the story, but everything about this was just perfect and made this a fantastic read!

Margot was a teacher who also wrote an advice column under the name Dear Amy. One day she received a letter from Bethan, a girl who had been kidnapped eighteen years earlier, but was written as if the girl was only recently in captivity. The letter revitalized the search for Katie, another teen who disappeared from the same town only two weeks previously.

Margot was a strong protagonist who was a solid anchor to the story. She was smart and inquisitive, but still exercised enough bad judgment to place her in dangerous situations that made this a great thriller with a lot of action. It was obvious that something about Bethan’s kidnapping was not right, and since I assumed the kidnapper was someone who knew Margot, I was watching for clues every time she spoke with a male character. For me, that meant that there was an element of suspense present in every chapter and hinted at during all the character interactions.

The novel shifted between chapters focusing on Margot and those describing Katie’s experience in captivity, but there was no real signal as to which chapter I was reading until a few paragraphs in. Katie’s chapters were tense and filled with terror. Margot’s narrative focused more on the letters she was receiving and finding out why they were being sent to her.

This was a great psychological thriller that was filled with twists and surprised. I was surprised to see several negative reviews online where readers didn’t like the content or style. This was a five star read for me that I would easily recommend.


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