Don’t Be Caught Under The Spells Of This “Housewitch”

thHousewitch was a light read with some elements of chick lit. Allyson had suppressed her witchcraft until one day the things she thought of began happening without her intending them to. Pigs danced to amuse her kids and apples turned to onions when the child bobbing for apples was mean. When another mom noticed the magic, Allyson was surprised to discover there were more witches in her town than just her. 

The existence of other witches was a relief for Allyson, who was a mom trying to fit into the small town run by a bunch of perfect women. The elite group of moms followed one specific witch who doled out spells to reward the women for helping her control the townspeople through witchcraft. My favorite part about this were the spells that were cast. A green face mask allowed Allyson to get everything she wanted one day, and other spells made the group’s children excel in sports or allowed their husbands to get a promotion.

Allyson’s mother abandoned her as a young girl, but suddenly reached out to her from a nursing home just before she died to warn Allyson that her impending death would now place her in danger. The spell protecting Allyson would die with her mom. I thought it was pretty obvious who the evil witch given that there were a limited number of characters, but this was still a fun read even if not a lot happened. There just wasn’t much of a plot at all.

Truthfully, Allyson was a bland character. She was a quintessential chick lit character who didn’t reflect on her life or even the details of why an evil witch would be after here. I suppose the narration in the past was intended to be the heavier aspect to this book since it followed a group of witched and gave the background as to how the evil witch came to be evil. The reasoning wasn’t that interesting and I didn’t really care whether Allyson would be able to destroy her or not.

This was a light read, but nothing spectacular.


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