Is The “Only Daughter” Who You Believe Her To Be?

thOnly Daughter wasn’t a strong or fast thriller, it was more like a book that wanted to be a thriller, but instead was a good family drama and mystery. Rebecca Winter disappeared nearly twenty years ago and to avoid criminal charges, another young girl with an uncanny resemblance to Rebecca decided to take her place. 

From the beginning, it was clear that “Bec’s” homecoming was odd. Her father seemed withdrawn and her mother was more concerned with cleaning the house than engaging with Bec. Bec struggled through awkward conversations with her family, but no one caught on that she wasn’t actually Rebecca. The flashback chapters describing Rebecca’s life in the days leading up to her disappearance were a little dry and didn’t help make any character a suspect, which meant there weren’t any clues for the reader – I hate that! The interactions between Rebecca and her friends just felt very juvenile and didn’t do much to move the plot along for me.

I expected that Bec would figure out something wasn’t right with the alleged kidnapping earlier in the book and spend more time trying to solve the mystery. Instead, that happened late in the story, so Bec didn’t do much investigation at all. Then, the surprise ending came out of nowhere and was resolved a bit too quickly.

This was such an easy read that it came across as a young adult book. Still, I was interested enough to see what actually happened to Rebecca to keep reading and the ending was well worth it. This was an entertaining novel, and overall a good read.


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