Someone Knows “The Lie” Emma Is Hiding 

Emma was a character who was easy to like. She was loyal to her friends, which was displayed through several instances where she came to their rescue. To help a friend recover from a break up, Emma, Daisy, Al, and Leanne went to Nepal for a few weeks. They stayed at a retreat where meditation and yoga were daily activities for guests to help them relax. But soon into the stay, Emma began to feel uncomfortable with the surroundings and felt that the people who ran the resort exerted too much influence over her friends and other guests. Because she wasn’t as gullible as her friends, she didn’t buy into the psycho babble spewed by the retreat’s purveyors and felt something sinister was going on at the retreat. That caused discord with her friends and helped the tension mount until Emma fled from the retreat. 

There was a good deal of suspense present in the novel. The flashbacks detailed the events at the resort that culminated in the disappearance of Emma’s two friends. In the present, someone knew who Emma really was. Emma suspected a few people around her, so during those interactions I was looking for clues as to whether that person knew more than they let on.  

While this wasn’t the most in depth novel, the characters’ emotions and thoughts were conveyed well. The writing was a bit simple, making this seem like a young adult book at times especially given the young age of most of the characters and their focus on their best friend. Thoughts like, ‘Is my best friend mad at me?’ and ‘Why did my best friend kiss the guy I like?’ initially made this a little immature, but at the same time gave each character a motivation for their actions. The author actually capitalized on the bonds between young women in a unique way that made this plot work largely in part to the age and maturity of the characters. 

This was a great read. I was captivated the entire time and am dying to read more by this author. This is a novel I would highly recommend!



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