When Too Much Love Becomes “A Necessary End”

thA Necessary End centered on Leah, a teen with six weeks left of her pregnancy, who reached out to Adrienne and Gabe to see if they wanted to adopt her baby. Leah’s offer came with a huge catch: she wanted to move from the East coast and live with them in their home in San Francisco for one year after the birth. Only after the year was over would Leah agree to relinquish her parental rights to the baby. But Adrienne was so desperate to have a baby that she eagerly agreed.

This read like a slow suspenseful thriller because it was obvious that something would go terribly wrong with the arrangement. After trying in vain to conceive through IVF, Adrienne was desperate to have a baby and that desperation pushed her into seeing only positives with Leah’s proposal. There were several red flags that Leah wasn’t going to follow through with the adoption that everyone around Adrienne saw and vocalized, but Adrienne was determined and so she forced Gabe to agree to the deal.

Adrienne came across as neurotic instead of pathetic, and that made her a great character to watch. She was over eager about being a mom and that had a noticeable impact on her marriage. Because Adrienne was so consumed with being a mom she didn’t realize that she was pushing Gabe right into a friendly relationship with Leah. Gabe was an interesting character because he was completely over the entire baby topic. He was sick of it running their life as a couple and wasn’t even all that convinced that he wanted a baby. His honestly was a refreshing look at parenthood and was a good balance to Adrienne.

The tension between these three people built with each chapter, and so it was a huge let down when I reached the end of the novel and there wasn’t the big surprise finish I anticipated. While I was reading this, I was totally engrossed in what was going on, but looking back at the whole novel, this was a big let down that I would not recommend.



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