A Car Accident Leaves A “Broken Grace”

thBroken Grace was a psychological thriller due to narrator Grace’s inability to recall events from her life after a car crash. She woke up in a hospital where she was informed that her fiancé had been shot. This was one part psychological thriller and one part murder mystery. Grace moved in with her sister Lisa, and it was obvious from their first conversation that something was off between them. I was interested to know who in Grace’s circle was acting against her interest, because it was clear someone close to her knew who shot her fiance.



Some chapters focused on Grace and how she recovered from the injury and others followed the two detectives assigned to her fiancé’s murder. Grace couldn’t recall anything about her life so she was forced to ask others for information to piece it together. No one provided too much information, and what was explained to her just raised more questions about whether she was really in love with her finance, whether she was cheating on him with someone else, and whether she led a happy life in general. I was intrigued with this premise, which read a bit like Before You Go To Sleep. Since Grace didn’t know who she was, she didn’t really have a personality. I rooted for her mainly because she was the heroine, but the author didn’t give me any other reason to like her.

As the detectives investigated the murder, they spoke to a variety of shady people who were all suspects. The dialogue between the characters was a high point here. The conversations flowed naturally and moved the story along very well. Yet, none of the characters were given a personal history. They just existed in the moment, so it was impossible to discern who was more of a suspect than someone else. For me, this was where the novel was weak. Obviously the author intended to keep the reader in the dark to have a big surprise at the end, and let me just say she totally succeeded there. The ending was twisted and complex and great! But there wasn’t a big lead up to it.

The story became less suspenseful because there was so little information provided about Grace’s relationships with others. Because no one was a clear villain, the plot was steady for the majority of this novel and then at the end it spiked with action that had no foundation. I think the story would have been stronger if a few pieces about the overall ending had been revealed slightly earlier. Still, this was a good thriller that held my attention and that I would recommend.


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