Wondering How “I Let You Go”

thI Let You Go was set in England and began with the terrible tragedy of a hit-and-run driver killing a young boy. This bounced back and forth between the detectives who investigated the incident and a woman who took up residence in a small town outside of England. Despite the presence of detectives here, I would not call this a mystery. And because of the laborious manner in which the woman’s life was revealed, I wouldn’t call this a family drama either. Instead, it was a slow read with too many tangents into the lives of the characters that did not make much of an impact. 

There are some plots that are so surprising and push the bounds of what I could imagine, that they earn a place as a fantastic read. Then there are books that just go too far with a story and are too weird or sick to be able to appreciate. This novel fell into the latter category. First of all, I understand that the lack of Jenna’s background was supposed to make her a questionable character that the reader wanted to find out more about. But the story that made up her background came far too late in the novel, more than halfway. By that time, I didn’t care what she’d gone through, which was disturbing.

I don’t think I would be giving away too much to say that this novel dealt with domestic violence, a topic I do not like to read about, but somehow lately have read quite a bit of. Here, the scenes between Jenna and her husband were disturbing and included physical abuse that I did not care for. I was not a fan of how the author used the abuse with the hit-and-run incident, and had pretty much checked out of this novel by then.

As for the detectives, they were portrayed as normal people with typical problems. I liked them, and thought that they could carry their own series of novels. However, there was too much information provided about their lives and other cases that just didn’t fit with this story, and it became a distraction to read about their issues with their wives, kids, and lovers.

I think this was supposed to be a dramatic read, rather than a mystery of thriller, but for me it wasn’t any of those things. It was slow and boring. I don’t plan to read anything else by this author.


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