Keeping Secrets And “Pretending To Dance”


I have read several of Diane Chamberlain’s novels and usually loved them. I was disappointed that I didn’t have the same reaction to Pretending To Dance. This was described as being about the secrets that Molly kept from her husband, which resurfaced when they tried to adopt a baby. The secret related to her mother killing her father, and Molly hiding her true background from her husband. Initially, I expected this to be a thriller, like so many other thrillers were some is hiding dark secrets in their past. I quickly realized that was not the case, and then expected at least strong and dynamic novel, but this novel wasn’t that either. Actually, this was a bit boring. . First, the secrets of the past didn’t have any impact on the adoption. None. I kept waiting for some tie in, but never saw anything that warranted an entire novel. So that entire portion of the book seemed irrelevant.

The part of the novel about Molly’s past moved at a glacial pace. It led up to events that were significant in her life, but I wasn’t very engaged in it because of how slow and juvenile it all was. It almost seemed that the author was more concerned with writing in a way that would create a realistic life for her characters then in a way that provided an interesting plot for the reader. As far as the characters were concerned, they were the high point of the book. I liked Molly. I was engaged in her life and felt what she felt.

Although there were good components here, they failed to make a cohesive novel that I enjoyed. I would skip this one.


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