Don’t Kill Yourself, Just “Kill The Next One”

th-1The premise of Kill The Next One totally hooked me: as Ted was about to commit suicide a man appeared on his doorstep offering him a deal that involved killing a criminal first. What followed was a fast paced novel filled with action and plenty of twists that kept me guessing about what was really going on. Early on, Ted’s mental state was revealed to be unreliable, and that added to the confusion of what was real and what wasn’t.

Ted’s mental state was especially puzzling once he went through with the murder he agreed to and then a few pages later, the events reset as if they hadn’t happened. Next, he was launched into a situation where everyone around him knew more about him than he did. With so many other characters warning him not to believe anyone else, he had a difficult time navigating what was happening to him.

When Ted wound up in a mental institution, I wasn’t sure whether he should or shouldn’t be there. Being kept off balance in this way while reading only added to my overall need to see what was really going. I wasn’t sure which character was trustworthy or what events actually happened and which were just in Ted’s imagination. Ultimately everything about this novel kept me on my toes. I never knew what or who to believe. Or even what was real. I felt that the underlying answer to these questions could have been flushed out a bit more. Instead, there wasn’t much information about what was really going on until the big reveal, so I doubt any reader could have figured out the plot.

I liked Ted and wanted everything to work out for him. I thought the story line was so creative that I was dying to see how it would end. This was a solidly good thriller with intense writing that I really enjoyed reading.


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