Life Changes In “15 Seconds”

th-315 seconds was a fast paced, action packed, novel that began when Henry was framed for murdering a police officer. When he tried to turn himself in, the cops opened fire on him, prompting him to run and prove his innocence himself. That decision led to more problems and a deep web of lies all put in place to ruin Henry’s life.

This novel was pure entertainment, or what my brother-in-law calls “brain candy”. It took no effort to read and was simply captivating. Each chapter was packed with action, and expanded upon the plot in a plausible way. The chapters moved between Henry’s quest to prove his innocence and save his kidnapped daughter, detective Carrie’s goal of finding the real killer, and Vance, a father on a mission to help his daughter get out of jail after being convicted for vehicular manslaughter.

Packing each chapter with events that made the story move forward quickly meant that there wasn’t time to provide any real background on the characters. The author provided almost nothing in the way of character thought or history, which I always enjoy. I would have liked to learn more about Henry’s personality and who he was a character. I need to like the people on the pages in order to be invested enough to root for them. Here, I rooted for Henry blindly based on the minimal background given.

After a few chapters, it was pretty obvious who framed Henry and why. But I didn’t feel that this novel needed that to be a secret for it to work. For me, the attraction to this story was the action and the high entertainment value, not discovering who framed Henry. Each character was so committed to their own plight that I became truly invested in the outcome. This kept me amused and was enjoyable. I would recommend it to others.


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