A Hostage Situation Leaves The Sniper All “Alone”

thAlone was the first book in the Detective D.D. Series. I recently got caught up in these novels by Lisa Gardner when I read the seventh book in this set, Find HerAlone wasn’t as gripping as Find Her, but it was still satisfying.

Here, Bobby was a sniper with the state troopers and was called to monitor a hostage situation. From his vantage point, he watched as a husband pointed a gun at his wife and child. When the situation escalated, Bobby was forced to take out the husband before the husband shot his family. After firing, the wife mouthed, “thank you” to Bobby, but she was the only one who was grateful for what Bobby did. Everyone else questioned whether the husband had even been the aggressor and whether there was an ulterior motive for Bobby to take the shot.

The wife, Catherine, was thought to have Munchausen by proxy, which manifested itself in many, many doctors appointments for her son to discover the root of a physical condition negatively impacting him. Her motives for possibly wanting her husband dead slowly came out, and contrasted with her husband’s family who filed a grievance regarding the shooting that put the spotlight on Bobby.

Despite a lot of action in the first few pages, this novel was slow to start. I wasn’t that interested in how the characters were connecting until about 120 pages in. Until then, there was too much background that did not relate to the current plot. Also, I was very uncomfortable reading about the Munchausen by proxy theme, Catherine’s kidnapping that left her a damaged and demented woman, and her kidnapper’s propensity for killing. Those things actually made this a violent book to read.

I kept reading this because I liked Bobby, who seemed to be an all around good guy who was being pulled into something sinister. I was interested to see how everything would end up and was satisfied with the ending, but felt that there were too many other tangential plots that actually detracted from the big secrets exposed in the end. The characters divulged information through monologues even though there was no explanation for how they came to have that knowledge. That seemed like a lazy way to explain the many intricate plot details building throughout the novel. Everything about this was too convenient to make it anything other than an entertaining fictional novel.

I am going to continue reading this series and hope that this first novel is the worst one of the bunch given how great Find Her was.


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