Don’t Get Caught As “The Fall Guy”

thThe Fall Guy started when Matthew stayed with his cousin Charlie and Charlie’s wife Chloe in their summer home. There were two distinct aspects to the novel, conversations between characters, and background information about the characters. The background narratives were a high point because the author created intricate stories to describe the people. I liked the wording used and the emotions recounted, which made this a mature story. 

However, not much happened. This was actually a pretty tepid novel considering it was supposed to be suspenseful. For me it just wasn’t. The big development was that Chloe was having an affair and Matthew found out. Rather than confront Chloe or tell Charlie, Matthew followed her around all summer until finally his staking led him into a dark situation.

I also didn’t understand why he elected to stalk her. The stalking was supposed to make sense because Matthew liked Chloe, but there wasn’t enough between them to make that realistic for me.
It also didn’t make sense why Matthew was so eager to accept charity from Charlie and be the third wheel all summer. Secrets between the cousins that described their dynamic came out late in the novel. Those past secrets were pretty good, but were so buried that they didn’t have much of an impact, even though they could have. While it explained some of their history, I didn’t see how it still drove their relationship to the weirdness that it did.

Ultimately I was disappointed with this because I didn’t understand the dynamic of any of the relationships, which was a huge focus of the story. It just became weird and the big ending didn’t have enough power behind it.


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