“Small Admissions” Bring Big Headaches

th-1Small Admissions shed light into the highly competitive world of child admissions to elite private schools. This novel provided a rate glimpse inside the world of uber rich parents who will stop at nothing to spend $45,000 a year for their child to attend a private school.

Kate floundered in life, and ended up working in the admissions department for an elite private school. As part of her job, Kate had to interview the children who were applying for admission. The children who she spoke to were odd and humorous. Her snarky commentary about them were all well deserved! The children were super spoiled, but didn’t know it. The girl who cried when Hurricane Sandy damaged her family’s weekend house in the Hampton is a perfect example of that.

Something about this book felt aloof. First of all, the entire book revolved around Kate. The chapters either had Kate as the focus, or had other characters talking about her. So, by the end of the novel, I was a little over Kate. Also, Kate’s only problem was she needed a job, which she got early on. There was some mention of a former boyfriend, but I never felt that Kate even cared that the relationship was over. I suppose Kate also needed direction in her life but the events at the school hardly pushed her toward a more fulfilling career.

This was a very light read, but I would not consider this chick lit because Kate wasn’t a typical ditzy female and the stories weren’t all that funny. Overall, this was just okay.


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