She Is The “Luckiest Girl Alive”

thThe best thing about Luckiest Girl Alive was the protagonist, Ani, with her quick wit and sharp tongue. She made observations that were snarky and rude, but somehow managed to remain an endearing character. However, the story was sort of a mess. Although the book’s description mentioned that a secret from Ani’s past would upend her current life, I found that was not the case.

There wasn’t much happening in the present story line where Ani was engaged to Luke and worked at a well known magazine in New York. Even though she hadn’t told Luke the entire truth about what happened when she was younger, the truth didn’t seem to matter to their relationship.

In the past, Ani was a student at a prestigious and expensive private school where she used her full name, TifAni, and was caught up in typical teenage situations. She was concerned about fitting in with the popular kids, wearing the right clothes, and dating an appropriate boy. When a night of too much drinking led her into a bad situation she pretended that it hadn’t happened. Later in the novel, she found herself in yet another traumatic situation where the prior events played a unique role. Without going into too much detail about those events I will say that the author’s use of violence in schools was just totally overdone here.

The maturity and emotional reactions of the characters gave this a YA feel as did their dialogue with one another. I had a hard time relating to any of the characters or being sympathetic to Ani. This was a fictional novel, not the mystery or thriller it claimed to be. I think this could have been much better had the story been told differently. For example, some of the main points were not revealed until very late in the novel, and I think they would have had a much bigger impact if the reader knew some of the information earlier. This was a book I could have skipped.


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