“Don’t You Cry” For Me Roomie

thDon’t You Cry was the latest novel by Kubica, who earned a spot among my favorite writers with her novel The Good Girl a few years ago. All of her novels are such easy reads due to relatable characters and conversations that feel realistic. The writing has an easy style to it but is still packed with descriptions of the characters and story that moves the plot along very well.  As expected, this story was sinister and creepy.

This novel was pretty good even though I feel everything Kubica writes will always pale in comparison to The Good Girl. Here, Esther suddenly disappeared at the same time an unknown girl appeared in Alex’s life. Esther’s roommate, Quinn, wanted to find Esther, but wasn’t sure were to start since Esther never spoke about her family. Despite Quinn’s focus to find her roommate, that narrative wasn’t the typical ‘girl investigates missing friend’ plot. This was mainly because Quinn didn’t get many answers about Esther’s life or why she was missing. Instead, the information Quinn discovered made it appear that Esther might be trying to kill Quinn!

Quinn came across as a genuine young woman who began to learn about herself as she questioned where her former roommate went. Small details like Quinn’s interest in a male coworker and stealing Esther’s food were just two things that gave her a relatable personality. Alex’s portion of the story was so weird I just never got in it. First off, he lived with his dad and both of them were odd characters. with creepy quirks. Additionally, Alex didn’t even have much of a personality. He met Pearl, and got caught up in explaining a murder mystery that happened several years ago in the neighborhood. Pearl seemed to be very interested in the young girl who died  in an abandoned house in Alex’s neighborhood, and because Alex was trying to impress her he helped her obtain information about the death and even break into the home. Alex’s entire story felt much too convenient and happened without much effort.

 This novel had some crazy twists that were revealed at the end, but the build up didn’t quite do it for me. This is just a three star read for me since half of the novel was lacking in plot and the ultimate revelations were sort of stupid.










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