Get Lost In The “City Of Strangers”

city-of-strangers-9781476760131_hrCity of Strangers was a mystery filled with action. When Grace and her husband arrived home from their honeymoon, they were greeted by a dead body in their kitchen. The police were unable to identify him and seemed largely unconcerned about identifying the man. Grace’s husband also didn’t seem very bothered by the corpse’s presence. Only Grace seemed to mind the recent incident, and set off on a quest to uncover who he was and how he ended up on her floor. To legitimize Grace’s decision to leave home and travel around Europe searching for the man’s identity, the author made her a writer whose boss encouraged her to write a story on the man. As a mystery, this wasn’t all that great. Grace’s investigation took her to the homes of too many random people in several different countries. It just didn’t seem likely that all those people would speak to her about the mystery man.

The draw for me was that this read more like an action packed thriller. Grace teamed up with Nico, who assisted her in uncovering the past of the man, and sorting through his various aliases. They were followed by shady characters and ended up running for their lives on more than one occasions. That action made me think this would make an excellent movie. I also appreciated the setting, which used the darker side of quite a few well known European cities. That added a different twist to the story that gave this a unique aspect.

I know I frequently say that the endings of novels came out of nowhere, but I really mean it this time. There was just no basis for how this ended, and there could have been. The author didn’t utilize the second narrative of the police woman investigating the murders of two men enough, and also didn’t give enough attention to the difficulties in Grace’s marriage. Characters who were crucial to the resolution didn’t appear enough in the novel for the proper foundation to be laid for their involvement.

So much of this novel was entertaining, but I was disappointed with the quick and baseless ending. Overall, this was just a good read.




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