A Murderer Capitalizes On “Her Every Fear”

untitledHer Every Fear was the latest thriller by Peter Swanson. Is it just me, or is Swanson totally underrated? The plots he comes up with are so creative and, in this instance, kind of crazy! Just like his other two novels, this was also packed with dastardly characters. Here, a murder in an apartment building brought together several neighbors who were all suspects. The murder also brought a crazed killed out of the shadows.

This started with Kate agreeing to swap apartments with her cousin. Kate left London and moved into Corbin’s Boston apartment to have a fresh start from the tragedy of her last relationship. Instantly upon her arrival, Corbin’s neighbor was found dead in her apartment. Her death used the fears of Kate and Alan, another neighbor, to enhance the emotional aspect of this story. Each character was given an intricate backstory that helped make them damaged and odd, in essence, perfect for the intricate plot that used each characters’ weakness to push the plot along.

One thing I found interesting was how Swanson wrote the narratives for each character so that there was a slight amount of overlap. One character would describe an encounter with another person, and then that person’s chapter would expand even further upon that communication. That overlap gave a unique perspective to the story and I liked seeing how two different people described how the interaction impacted them.

My only issue with this was the gruesome way some of the details were described. The antagonist was a true psychopath who killed for sport and relished in the murderous act. To Swanson’s credit, his description of the bad guy’s thought process was so haunting I had a hard time reading it. I liked the villains of The Kind Worth Killing because they seemed like normal people who simply gave in to a heat of passion crime, which was the exact opposite of the evil nature of the villain here. As a result, this was a little too graphic for my taste, but I would still recommend Swanson’s novels to those who enjoy emotionally charged thrillers.


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