He Can’t Remember Why He Is “Two Days Gone” 

untitledThe premise of Two Days Gone was that the family of renowned author, David, was found brutally murdered and David was the suspect. David’s family was discovered in their home, but David became a prime suspect when he was on the run. The novel switched between the perspective of David, who was disoriented and confused, and Detective Ryan DeMarco, who investigated the murders. This was my first novel by Randall Silvis, and I hate to say it, but it will be my last. I finished reading this because I had read too much of it to stop. The main reason I feel so unfulfilled by this work is that the ending was gruesome for no reason other than just to be gruesome. I can get behind just about any character or story as long as I believe in why the actions are happening. That didn’t happen for me here even though the author spent a lot of time providing background stories for both DeMarco and David.

Truthfully, the amount of time spent to describe the men’s past didn’t have any connection to the investigation. The amount of irrelevant information packed into the novel detracted from the action murder investigation. David’s narrative didn’t provide any insight into what happened in his home. That was left entirely to DeMarco, and his investigation led him to a seedy world with characters who were hard for me to like or care about.

One thing that made this novel lengthy was the detail used to describe the settings, the characters’ actions, and the overall scenes. I appreciated that, but found it largely unnecessary to the plot and felt it made this a slow read. I would have liked for the purpose of the murders to have been rooted in something more than it was. This just never took off for me.


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