Inside The Mind Of “The Princess Diarist”

th-1The Princess Diarist was the latest book written by Carrie Fisher. She was in the midst of traveling to publicize this book when she had a heart attack and died a few days later. Of course, Carrie Fisher is best known for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars. Here, Carrie briefly discussed her time on set but spent a majority of the novel providing an honest glimpse into her soul both during filming and in the years since the movie became the global phenomenon it is now.

Carrie clearly stated that no one in the cast knew the film would have such an impact or be the blockbuster it was. Carrie provided a few stories about her time on set, but focused largely on her affair with costar Harrison Ford. The relationship was interesting to read about, although I had hoped for a bit more information about the making of the film. Although part of the description of this book is that Carrie kept a diary during filming, her diary did not have anything to do with the actual film.

Carrie included the pages of her diary in the book, which took up about one third of it. It was not what I expected at all. Her diary included poems, personal musings, and introspective questions about herself and her life, but did not have anything to do with Star Wars. It was an honest revelation and I thought it was very brave of her to publish such personal thoughts. I appreciated the direct way she wrote about herself in both her diary and the book.

This memoir was written in a stream of consciousness style that done in a conversational manner. I felt Carrie was just sitting next to me chatting about her life as opposed to reading a stuff memoir. Her style was a little weird when she made jokes about herself and the things she wrote about. She was very sarcastic and wrote to the reader as if she was very aware of how her writing would be perceived. I liked that initially, but by the end of the novel, it grew a bit tiresome. Carrie obviously knew she was part of the global Star Wars phenomenon, and expressed both her resentment and appreciation toward that fact.

Ultimately, this ended up to be a fluffy retelling of her time on the Star Wars set and a very personal look into her life that revealed how insecure she was despite such enormous fame from being Leia. I’m glad I read this, but wouldn’t say it was a favorite or that it met my expectations.



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