The Things That Make Up “My Not So Perfect Life”

th-2My Not So Perfect Life was the most recent book by my favorite chick lit author, Sophie Kinsella. I loved her Shopaholic series and hoped to find a favorite heroine here as well. Either Kinsella peaked with heroine Becky Bloomwood or I’m too old to read her novels because I found it really hard to get into this very very light chick lit novel that followed Katie, a woman who worked in an advertising firm in London where she pretended to have a great life but didn’t. 

Katie’s need to keep up her happy facade gave her a reason to lie to friends and family and landed her in sticky situations where she was flummoxed by trying to keep up appearances. Those were goofy and a little immature. When she was fired by her horrible boss, Demeter, Katie retreated to the country to work for her father’s new company that promoted glamping (glamour camping). Katie’s attitude was very admirable as she picked herself up after being fired and just continued on with life. She easily helped her father with his business because it came naturally to her. Katie got revenge on her boss when she arrived at the camp site and didn’t recognize Katie. That allowed Katie to lead her boss into ridiculous situations all in the name of finding her inner peace. Those scenes were funny, but sort of immature.

A budding romance between Katie and Alex was a subplot that also complicated Katie’s revenge on her boss. This was maybe the best part of the novel, as I enjoyed seeing Katie become more self assured of herself through her interactions with Alex. After unbelievably bonding with Demeter, Katie suddenly had a change of heart toward her and took action to help vindicate her. I did not expect the plot to change directions in that way, but found that it made Katie an even better character because her true self came through. Katie was revealed to be a woman who was genuinely kind and only wanted to do the right things. Of course, helping Demeter meant that Katie was able to have a very happy ending.

There was a ton of build up that could have been condensed to make this a short and more enjoyable read. Overall, this was a very light read and was more entertaining as the novel progressed.


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