True “Confessions Of A Domestic Failure”

Confessions Of A Domestic Failure started off with the intensity that can only come from a crazed sleep deprived new mom! Ashley was a stay-at-home mom to her eight-month old daughter and was slightly losing her mind. Ashley expected much more out of being a parent than the stained sweats and messy hair that greeted her each day. To learn how to deal better with the clutter and craziness that surround infants, Ashley entered a contest for moms put on by a guru who seemed to have mastered motherhood. When Ashley was selected among a handful of women to participate in the contest, she felt even more inadequate among the other moms who allegedly danced through motherhood with ease.

Most of the book was comprised of Ashley describing life as a new mom and about her struggle to find a groove raising her child. Ashley’s experiences were pretty accurate about what it’s like to have a baby, but were described in a way that made everything really funny. Ashley’s narrative voice was forceful and intense, which made her frustration palpable. She found humor in the bizarre experiences that surround babies, and that made this an enjoyable chick lit read.

With each task in the contest, Ashley’s life became even more out of control when she tried to keep up the appearance that she was a perfect mother. Ashley was so focused on becoming a better mom through crafts, homemade baby clothes, organic baby food, and new furniture that she fumbled each project with mishaps and disasters until her life exploded.

What I liked most about this was how Ashley developed into a woman who not only found her own voice but could also be an advocate for other women struggling with issues of parenthood. I would say that the overall theme of the book was for women to be secure in their own style of being a mom and to stop judging themselves for not doing everything the way others moms do. I think the book had an important message in that regard since the social pressures on moms are real. I especially liked that Ashley verbalized those pressures perfectly and that it became part of what allowed her character to develop.

This was a great chick lit read for moms, especially new moms. To be honest, I would not have appreciated this before I had my own baby. But when I read this three months into motherhood, I could already relate to everything Ashley described (even cutting off my son’s clothes when they were completely smeared with poop), and found it to be very funny! I am so thankful that I received an advanced complimentary copy of this novel from Goodreads. I thoroughly enjoyed this and would highly recommend it! I can’t wait for more from this author.


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