Everyone Wants To Spend “A Night In With Marilyn Monroe”

th-2A Night In With Marilyn Monroe was the second novel in the Night In series that showcased heroine Libby Lomax. As sequels go, the cute cover didn’t result in a story that was as fantastic as the first novel. That’s saying something considering that I didn’t even expect much from this chick lit novel about a young woman whose orange sofa allowed old movie stars to appear in her apartment and give her advice. 

Some of the same characters from the first novel were present here, but their stories didn’t really connect with each other. Libby’s crazy sister and mother appeared when her sister landed in rehab. Libby’s famous boyfriend Dillon was in and out of the story when tabloid covers create chaos in Libby’s life with untrue rumors. Libby’s old friend Olly had a prominent role here as well. Olly wanted Libby’s input for details regarding the restaurant he was opening. Despite all those characters, the story never took off for me. There wasn’t much going on, and unlike the first novel, Libby didn’t have the same need for advice when Marilyn appeared.

Still, when Marilyn Monroe did appear, she was the absolute highlight of this novel. The author squeezed in quite a bit of Marilyn’s biography into the short scenes she had with Libby in her living room. I liked that even though Marilyn’s visits were in real time for Libby, several years had elapsed for Marilyn, which meant that she appeared in stunning dresses from different movies and had more advice to give to Libby. But Libby didn’t seem to need or heed the advice, so this too was an aspect of the novel that didn’t quite connect to the other stories. Without that tie in, Marilyn’s presence didn’t add to the plot in any meaningful way.

I was not as thrilled with this installment as I was for the first book in the series, and don’t think I will continue reading the next book.


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