You Can’t Help But To “Love Her Madly”

Love Her Madly was another book with a plot that had one friend disappear during a college trip and then reappear years later. Apparently, this is a genre. Who knew. In that sense, this story was similar to The Lie, which I thought worked much better. Both stories felt a little juvenile because the girls’ friendships began when they were in college. Here Cyn was an energetic women was ruled a squad of college kids. She welcomed Glo into the group, which ended in a toxic relationship when they both fell for a boy in their group, Raj. When Cyn disappeared during a trip to Costa Rica, Glo was left with severe survivor’s guilt. 

This was supposed to be a thriller, but it just wasn’t for me. I would characterize this as a story about two dysfunctional women who were both unsympathetic people. I honestly didn’t care that Cyn disappeared because she was so unlikable. I mean, I’ve read, and liked, books with utterly ridiculous plots, and I can get behind just about any story when I can connect with a character. That never happened here.

Their collegiate relationship was fueled by drugs, sex, and insecurities. Both women came across as needy and emotionally bankrupt characters who didn’t care about themselves or each other. As a result, Cyn’s reappearance wasn’t a big moment for me because I didn’t believe in the impact on Glo or Raj. I just kept hoping this would pick up or that there would be some big development to give this some purpose, but there wasn’t. Cyn’s story of survival was so cheesy that I just couldn’t believe it.

I really can’t understand how this novel even made it onto any to read books lists. This is one to skip.


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