What Spirits Dwell In “The House of Bradbury”

th-3The House of Bradbury began when Mia moved into the home once occupied by Ray Bradbury so that she could soak up some of the home’s character and write a book. To afford the famous home, Mia had to borrow money from Carson, her celebrity ex-boyfriend, which meant that she owed him a huge favor. That favor turned out to be harboring a young starlet just out of rehab, Zoe. 

There were a few different story lines happening here, which meant that this wasn’t exactly chick lit, or women’s fiction, or a romance. A few funny things happened to Mia, but she also experienced a range of emotions that made her an intense character. I wanted to like her a lot more than I did. There were many things happening around her, but her personality wasn’t coming through during any of those experiences.

I also felt that the author really missed an opportunity to delve into the life and works of Ray Bradbury. I thought since Mia was so excited to live in Ray Bradbury’s home she would incorporate some of his life into the book she was working on, but she didn’t. The only real mention of Bradbury in the novel were the strange pictures appeared on the doorstep of his home that Mia believed were depictions of characters in his works. Instead, she spent most of her time worrying about the starlet under her roof rather than on anything related to Bradbury. Actually, Zoe had more of an influence on Mia and the direction her life took, which was sort of odd given that Zoe’s life was in utter disarray.

The writing felt a little stiff and didn’t convey all the emotions that could have come across. Some of the sentences were filled with descriptions, similes, and metaphors, while others were sparse and too direct. In the beginning of the novel, it was so clear that Mia was over Carson because he had cheated on her and because he lacked any real redeeming qualities of a boyfriend. So it didn’t make sense to me when she started to question whether she wanted to get back together with him. It just seemed like a convenient plot rather than a plausible option for Mia.

This felt like a work in progress that needed better editing, stronger writing, and a much more involved and active plot. Overall, this was just ok.


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