Time Travel Makes Us Realize “All Our Wrong Todays”

All Our Wrong Todays was the most unique and exciting book I’ve read in a while. This novel reminded me why I check out so many books from the library even though many are returned largely unread. I’m constantly trying books that are a little outside of my normal reads in the hope that I stumble upon something spectacular. With this, I did! Here, Tom lived in a futuristic world with all the technological advances humanity of the 1950s expected, including time travel, but managed to get himself stuck in an alternate present state without the amenities he was used to.

Tom’s voice was vibrant, sarcastic, and refreshingly honest. I loved that Tom spoke directly to the reader and poked fun at himself. He was just a regular guy who struggled to live up to his father’s fame. When nepotism earned Tom a spot on a time travel team, he found his self destructive ways had an enormous impact on humanity.

I loved his view on life, which built with each chapter as he described how he ended up in a program designed to teleport him through time. The descriptions of different aspects of Tom’s futuristic world were so creative and original! It was also very amusing to hear his disappointment with the simple things of our present 2017. For example, Tom was not impressed that humans in our 2017 had to have another human cut our hair with scissors, when an automated cap in his reality gave him a special cut.

I will admit that the description of this novel doesn’t sound all that fascinating. But, this was a well rounded novel that examined Tom’s relationships with his father, his friends, and Penelope, a woman in his time travel class. Those relationships were tested through his time travel and linked directly to the plot.

This novel was just so different from anything I have read before. I never knew what to expect next. Each chapter discussed different things about Tom’s future and his reactions to the present that we know in a humorous way. I was eager to see how Tom’s journey would end, and in which time zone he would end up. This was a fun and exciting read that I highly recommend.


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