Generations Of “Roanoke Girls” Succumb To The Same Destiny

The Roanoke Girls started when Lane returned home to help search for her missing cousin, Allegra. This was another story where the action in the present had Lane moderately consumed with trying to find Allegra while also reviving old relationships. In the past, her relationship with Allegra during there teens was the focus. The absolute best thing about this novel was the writing. The author had a great command of words and created these descriptive passages that were poetic and easy to read. As for the story, I think it was obvious from early on what happened to Allegra, or at least who the killer was. As far as a mystery, I would say it was pretty nonexistent. Lane didn’t exert much effort looking for Allegra, and law enforcement was interested in her disappearance for all of about twenty pages. When authors spend half the book building up a relationship, I expect that it will have some great impact on the story. So I was pretty disappointed with the entire flashback because it just did not add any value to this.

To be completely honest, when I reached the end of The Roanoke Girls, I wanted to take a shower. The themes and plot were that disturbing and just wrong in every way. Because I wish I could unread this, I would not recommend it.


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