Can You Do Me “A Simple Favor”?

A Simple Favor was a phenomenal read! It started off with a fast pace and never let up! Mommy blogger Stephanie picked up her son’s friend from school one day but became extremely worried when his mother, Emily never came to get him. Emily’s disappearance was less of a focus for the novel compared to how crazy Stephanie was. The odd backgrounds of Stephanie and Emily made this a dastardly and taut thriller.

Stephanie cane across as a crazy and almost stalkerish friend to Emily who wasted no time moving into her house and starting a relationship with Emily’s husband. She blogged about her missing friend and almost seemed pleased when Emily turned up dead. Her blogs were a great way to showcase how odd she was and simultaneously provide information about the investigation into Emily’s disappearance.

Stephanie’s odd fascination with Emily and her need to be liked by everyone made her a perfect suspect. The behavior of Emily’s husband seemed off as he didn’t appear all that concerned that his wife was missing. That made him a suspect as well. The suspicion of both Stephanie and the husband gave this creepy feel and made me examine each encounter and conversation in more depth to try to figure out who was the killer.

There were some really great secrets in the characters’ backgrounds that were the foundation for how they acted. Even though some of those secrets were very scandalsous, I thought they were very creative and really gave this a unique twist

I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did. To be honest, I nearly passed on this because of some of the low reviews online. I’m renewed in my belief that it’s worth checking out numerous books from the library so that I can give them a chance and decide for myself. I was pulled right into this and was so entranced I couldn’t put this down and read it in one day! I highly recommend this!


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