“Day Four” Is Murder

I hate when bad novels happen to good authors. I really enjoyed Lotz’s novel, The Three and just assumed that I would also love Day Four, a tale of a cruise ship lost at sea. With passengers that included a serial killer and a medium, along with several others hiding secrets, I expected spooky paranormal twists, but instead got a book packed with too many characters and a less than thrilling plot. 

So what went wrong? Well this was packed with far too many characters many of which didn’t add much to the overall story. When an author includes a lot of people they have to give enough background and motivation to make them relevant and understandable. That was noticeably missing. I couldn’t keep track of everyone and a few chapters in, I realized I didn’t even want to.

Much of the story was told through incessant chatter that failed to move the story along. Did I say story? What story? Some chapters focused on the sessions held by the medium where she contacted the dead. This had little impact because no audience member was significantly jumpy or changed as a result of the spirits coming through. Then there was the murder that no one cared about. The distressed ship should have provided tons of things to discuss, but it was all glossed over by being summed up quickly in a blog rather than allowing the passengers to experience the problems themselves.

The ending was an inquest into what happened to the ship and it was only then that the pace picked up. Had the whole book been written that way I would have been much more interested

Overall this was disappointing because it was so slow.


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