He Doesn’t Want “The Twilight Wife” To Remember

The Twilight Wife was another version of the story of a woman who suffered memory loss and questioned the motives of the people around her. Here, Kyra settled into life on a remote island after a diving accident with her husband Jacob left her unable to recall the last four years. She struggled daily to remember her past. When she started to have flashbacks of memories she began to doubt what she knew about her life.

Kyra recalled being in a relationship with another man and worried that perhaps she had been unfaithful to Jacob. This had a sinister feel to it from the beginning due mostly to Jacob and his odd personality. He seemed irritated and upset when Kyra asked questions about her past or their relationship. His behavior made it clear that something wasn’t right.  The singular plot of the novel was for Kyra to figure out what was really going on with her marriage and whether she could trust Jacob.

Truthfully, Before I Go To Sleep was a better psychological thriller because that protagonist’s short term memory loss prevented her from remembering what happened the day before. It was absolutely riveting. Here, there wasn’t as big of a push for Kyra to recall what happened since she didn’t suspect Jacob of being a villain.

Still, the writing and the narration gave this a quick pace that made it a thriller. I liked Kyra because she seems liked a normal person who would be friends with almost everyone. Also thought the island setting really made this work since the limited inhabitants accepted her past and provided a plausible reason why she lost contact with all her former friends.

I whipped through this in one day and would not only recommend it but would read more by this author!


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