In The Midst Of “The Forever Summer”

The Forever Summer was a typical women’s fiction novel. Think of the things that usually make up such a novel and you probably don’t need me to describe this book. Did you think of being fired, being dumped, unplanned pregnancy, a scandalous relationship, family secrets, and a tense mother daughter relationship? See what I mean?

The author used a genetics test as the reason why a mother and daughter left New York to travel to a quaint beach house. While there, they started to make new relationships and along the way, those experiences helped them mend their own relationship. This was exactly what I expected – superficial and very convenient. The writing was fine and there wasn’t anything wrong with the characters, they were just a little flat and too predictable, which made this a total mindless read.
This was packed with women and a bit too much estrogen. Some of the women came across as a little whinny and unrealistic with their expectations of life. I felt the author was trying to appeal to every generation in the hope that all readers would identify with at least one person in the book. So the book was divided to give just about the same of attention to each character.
This was okay for a beach read as long as you don’t expect too much from it.

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