“Losing The Light” On A Journey Through France

Reading Losing the Light was like traveling through France. College students Sophie and Brooke decided to study abroad in France and befriended Alex… and that was pretty much it.

The description was the girls went to France but Sophie never returned home. That made it seem that this had a mystery element to it surrounding Sophie’s disappearance. Hardly. Actually I thought it was pretty clear from the beginning what was going to happen to Sophie and how it would impact Brooke.
This wasn’t an event driven novel. The girls went to a few parties and ate French cuisine, but those things didn’t drive the action. Instead, it was more of a coming of age book for Brooke. The main focus here was Brooke’s insecurities and her desire to be friends with Sophie and have Alex be interested in her. This had a young adult feel to it that made me sort of lose interest half way through. This was because the characters were in college and because Brooke’s reactions to everything were so immature.
I enjoy reading books set in France, which was the main draw to me for this novel. I wanted a light read, but this was a little too juvenile for me.

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