Did You Receive Your “Letters From Paris”?

Letters From Paris was a perfect book for a lazy afternoon. This was a character driven story that was enhanced by the beautiful setting of Paris. The shops, buelevards, and cuisine that Chance encountered during her trip to the City of Lights were the things that appealed to me.

Chance was orphaned as a youngster and was raised by her grandmother. During a trip back home, Chance unearthed a mask of an unknown Parisian woman and found an intriguing note tucked beside it.Right before her grandmother died, she encouraged Chance to travel to Paris to track down the history behind the mask.

A trip abroad was just what Chance needed as she was recently single and unemployed. Her arrival in France resulted in a series of events that were extremely convenient. Not only did Chance stumble into being an assistant at an artist’s studio who made masks similar to Chance’s but the artist’s lineage also related to the disappearance of the masked woman.

The author included several chapters dedicated to the muse for the mask but I wished she was given more time to tell her story. I liked her and was invested in what would happen to her. Yet, the author rushed through her narrative so fast that her motives for taking the daring action she did were not well developed. Instead the majority of the novel focused on Chance’s assimilation to living in France and then her romance with the artist.

This was one of those books where the author was familiar with the location of the story and that made the setting feel so authentic that I was very taken with the story in general. This wasn’t necessarily a mystery or a romance even though it had both elements. This was a light read that would appeal to francophiles and art historians.


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