Believe “Every Last Lie”

The problem with Every Last Lie, and every other book that Mary Kubica writes, is that she just cannot come close to replicating the intensely compelling and original story she crafted in The Good Girl. I’m going to read everything Kubica writes, but I was a little disappointed that here she used the tired plot of a wife who discovered her husband’s secrets upon his death. I expected more from Kubica and from this story, and so ultimately it was just okay read. 

The story was told in alternating chapters, Clara in the present, and her husband Nick in the weeks leading up to his death. The car accident that claimed Nick’s life was ruled an accident and the blame was placed on Nick for loosing control of the car. Clara didn’t believe that was all that happened and went in search of the truth. Initially Clara’s chapters were slow and depressing as they focused on the funeral and how she grappled with her grief. It took a while for any fact to be presented that led Clara to learn there were secrets in Nick’s life she didn’t know about. Initially I thought the secrets were a little too benign to even be part of the story. A lot of her narrative was spent thinking and feeling rather than investigating Nick’s alter ego.

Nick’s chapters were a lot more interesting because he was portrayed as a devoted man whose life was unraveling before him. He wanted to tell his wife about what was happening but was too ashamed to do so. The author explained all the leads in Nick’s characters without ensuring that Clara learned the same information. That meant that the ending was neat and tidy and sort of lacked reasoning. The ending was boring and that made this just okay. There are much better books with the same story.


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