“The Invitation” Invites Scandalous Love

The Invitation was a novel that sounded much better than it was. Hal was invited to accompany an actress on a Mediterranean cruise and ran smack into Stella, a woman he previously had a one night stand with. The story revolved around their awkward interactions, which led to a rekindled romance. 

Aside from the slow romance between Hal and Stella, there were two subplots that didn’t connect to the main story of the novel even though they were given quite a bit of attention. The first was Stella’s background, which explained why she was a damaged and desperate woman. That gave her character a good motivation for her actions, although I was not sympathetic to her at all. Her only redeeming quality was that she recognized she was leaching off her husband and didn’t like that she had fallen into that role, although that didn’t stop her.

The other subplot was a story told in a journal by the celebrity’s ancestor. That revolved around myths and mermaids on the sea that turned dark near the end. I thought it was an interesting story, but again, I was a bit confused by what the author’s point was in including this in the novel. It just didn’t go anywhere for me.

Ultimately, this was slow and not much happened. I don’t know why I kept reading it. Near the end there was a plot twist that would have been great earlier on if it had been a larger part of the story. Ugh. I wish I’d skipped this.


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